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Lahella Sydäntä

The students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences complete their studies in different learning environments. Lahella Sydäntä is a good spirited learning environment, where students get to work in practice, see and learn about organizing events. Events planned and created by students create a good base for effective studying. The motives of study are people’s own interests, making the learning environment a good place to study practical work. The events support youth’s studies towards better and more easily accessible working life. In 2016-2017 the event culminated in a family concert in January, which returns were donated to low income families in Päijät-Häme region in cooperation with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, with Lahti association. Plans for the 2018 concert have already began, so we recommend you to stay tuned.
Creating an event requires strict and precise work. Operational planning is in an important part, to make the activities profitable. In the planning phase the students organize into several working groups, to create as authentic work environment as possible. The teams are controlled by the chiefs, and the project manager takes the main responsibility for the event.
Lahti is known as an event city. Lahti University of Applied Sciences students want to contribute to the Lahti’s image. At the same time they want to bring visibility to Lahti University of Applied Sciences, and show what kind of opportunities LUAS can offer alongside normal studies, and bring individualized learning opportunities to the studies through practical work.